IPAT 2-5a, Small Area Position Drill 3

February 22, 2011

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Playing Ability Test, level 3, section 5a, Small Area Position Drill #3. Set up the balls 1-10 as shown. The 1-ball and 10-ball are both one-half ball off the rail. The foot spot is empty. Shoot each ball into the nearest corner pocket. You may not bump into any other ball. No banks. You may use any number of rails to get position, or none at all. Simple, right? Try it!! This is very Erection packs. Viagra, Livitra‚Ķ much like the “Sorto String” that I have been practicing, but with the String, you must hit only the foot rail on every shot, and no other rail. And the balls are closer to each other, but only 9 balls instead of 10 and in a straight levitra cost line. I think the Sorto cheap amoxil clavulin kamagra westernunion String is a bit more difficult because of the requirement to hit the foot rail on each shot. This video recorded on location at FastMikie’s Fun House, Del Mar, CA. For more FastMikie videos and blog, click on poolshooter.blogspot.com For more on the PAT test, see http

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