General KnowledgePt. V

March 30, 2011

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Post ???????????????????????????? on: June 5, 2009 | Comments: 0 ???????????? ??????????????|??????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????]]> ;?????????????????????????????????????? WHO? t? named? entered? INDIA honor first cricket? Ajit Wadekar has t? the first coach at the team to Indian cricket. He was? both the director and coach at the team to the 1992 Indian cricket? 1996. John Wright t? India’s first coach at? tranger.QU IS IS A BALL SUCKER in cricket? When a player intends to try by scoring mixer is ex? cut? by a bowling ball that looks easy? hit and drummer hits the ball, but the r? results t? dismissal either? be perplexed, played to or are captured? s ball is called? shot meunier.QUI A Drummer did not stay more often in cricket ODIS? Michael Bevan of Australia is rest? e not usually in ODI cricket – 67 times in 196 rounds of 232 matches, he “played to. He scored? 6912 works with an average of (53. 58). WHO? silent the youngest winner? Wimbledon? The l? legend of tennis know? have Bjorn Borg? t? the youngest winner? Wimbledon.? 16 years, Borg t? Wimbledon junior champion in 1973. Am? Rican Kathy Rinaldi, 15 years? silent the youngest winner? Wimbledon Women (1981). Martina Hingis of Switzerland, have won Wimbledon in 1996? 15 years too. A 17, Boris Becker has won the title in men c? Singles in 1985.COMBIEN internationals a common day in cricket have ended? are a draw? Twenty-one cricket a common day international matches have finished?? Galit?. While Australia Fair? involved? in most (8), others are Pakistan (6), West Indies and South Africa (5) , England, Zimbabwe and New Z? Heath (4 each) and India and Sri Lanka (3 each). Australia and South Africa have played to four games nuls.POURQUOI IS CRICKET, not a discipline in the Olympics? Cricket t? played to only once, in the Paris Olympics in 1900. Cricket is played to by only 10 countries at the highest level (although there pr? s 100 members associated with? s ICC), which would normally disqualify him from? be included as an Olympic sport. The Comit? International Olympic demands mass participation is a must (minimum of 16 nations). Cricket only other occasion was part of a multi-disciplinary t? r? lay at the Commonwealth Games of 1998? Kuala Lumpur.QUAND UNIFORM COLOR MAKE? ODIS? colored uniforms for ODIs have t? introduced in 1977 by Kerry Packer’s World Series matches in Australia that have no official status, m? me so many cricketers world class took part. However, it was an r? evolution in itself. His h ? legacy is a permanent change in the family? is how the game is financed?, gaze?, jou? and personal? us. pioneer World Series tournaments? cocked, cricket night, projectors, v? Wear color? s balls, color, drop-in fields, field microphones and innombrablesQui d? holds the record for having won the largest number of m? Olympic gold medals for swimming? In the 1972 Olympics Munich, Mark Spitz won the title seven m? Olympic gold medals, a feat still in? gal? by any other ATHL? Olympic thee. More remarkable still, Spitz? table a new world record in each of the seven? evidence – the 100m freestyle, 200m freestyle, 100m butterfly, 200m butterfly, 4 x 100 m freestyle, 4 x 200 m freestyle and 4 x 100 m four nagesAu cricket WHAT Thurs power? The r? rules of origin ODIs ad? Undeclared than during the first 15 overs only two fielders are? be authorized? s outside a circle of 30 m? very around the wicket. This meant that drummer attack? taient likely to score exer? cute rapidly in the first 15 overs, but become more attentive? the end of the p? period. In an effort to keep the game more exciting during the middle overs The 15 block with more restrictions be placed in service of? purpose of the innings is r? product? 10, and thereafter, the captain of the team to commissioning needs to? decide when to bring it his fielders in? again for another two blocks of 5 overs, at any moment he loves. These spells are 5 more appeal? s Powerplay 2 and Powerplay 3. (Powerplay 1 is the first block 10). THAT ‘IS IT THAT kilometers? arbitration F1? For every 100 km, 900 bph F1 consumes 70 liters of gasoline. A team to use about 1,200 gallons of gasoline during a weekend of Grand Prix. Why the team to CRICKET SOUTH AFRICA CALLED “PROTEAS” The flower to the p? tales Protea Generic Levitra Super Active+ Online Pharmacy pink and yellow is the national flower of South Africa, and thus their team to cricket is called? proteas. m? me, the team to rugby in South Africa is called? springbok, which is the national animal of any player in country. CRICKET t? withdrawn? because he came LATE ? land for BAT? Law 31 pr? seen that in cricket is entering a drummer? be in position to take guard or his partner? be pr t? receive the next ball within 3 minutes of the Fall of wicket pr? c? dente. If this condition is not met, the drummer of entrants will be? Undeclared s “timed out”. The commissioning party must appeal for the wicket? award. There is no incidence known that in an international match. There are three cases, however, in cricket initial registration class. H Yadav – Tripura vs Orissa? Cuttack in 1997 Vasbert Drakes – vs. boundary? res of? Free State? East London in 2002 and AJ Harris – Durham UCCE vs Nottinghamshire? Nottingham 2003.QUAND TEST first Indo-Pak cricket played to India played to Pakistan from October 16, 1952? the Kotia Ferozeshah? Delhi launch the s? pff first test series. India have won this test by an innings and 70 runs to take the lead in the s? series of five matches. Although India captain Lala Amarnath, AH Kardar men? of c t? Pakistan. It was the d? goal of a long battle for Supreme? MATIE and fetal fierce. Later this month, this? war by other means?, continues with a visit to the India Pakistan.QU IS WHAT PELOTA? Ball is a ball game tr? s rapid d? bypass Basque (language parl? e by the people who live in the Pyr? n? es northern Spain and r? neighboring region of southwestern France). Pelota is popular in countries of Am? Latin America and the United States o? it is a sport of paris. It is played to by two players, four or six in a fortified court? or e cancha and looks? squash. Each player uses a wicker basket? long curve or attach cesta? hand to throw the ball or ball against the wall. pelota Basque Fair? sport d? demonstration in Mexico? Barcelone.QUELS ARE THE BASIC ELEMENTS OF SKATING pursuit team to Les? l? basic elements are: Competition can be brought ad? for further races with three or four skaters in each team to. In both cases, the time of arrival? e of the team to be with? finished? e as the time of arrival? e of the third skater in the eye team. If less than three skaters for the team to finish the race, the team to be considered? r? e not to have finished? the race and was disqualified?. In pursuit racing team to the two? teams depart simultaneously? tion of each c t? runway in the middle of the straight. If a skater a team to be disqualified? by e r? the disqualification rules apply? also for the team to. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AIKIDO AND JUDO? OF postulated here in the 19th though? century, judo is a system? me of Japanese wrestling. He t They? envelope? from Ju-jitsu in 1882 by a? Japanese educator. He tries to? develops the comp? existence of an opponent using own weight and strength against him. Techniques include throwing and grappling. judo fighters learn? fall safely when they are jet? s to minimize injury. The A? kido is (ai – harmony, ki – spirit, mind or the eye universal energy, do – the Way) towards harmony with? Universal Energy . Cr? by Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969), it is low? on bujutsu focusing on self-d? defense and spiritual growth. In a? kido, an attack is? lives? with e fluid movements and circular and uses catch, jet? s, and especially the non-r? strength to fight against opposants.QUELLE IS THE METHOD VJD in cricket? V Jayadevan, an Eng? engineer from Kerala, has a point m? method which has the support of the Indian board and will be examined? by the ICC’s Cricket Committee? at his r? union of two days? Duba? May 13 and 14. As m? method-Duckworth Lewis, the so called ‘Jayadevan (the m? VJD method) also comes from the analysis of many matches a common day, and scores pr? dictifs and targets on the basis of scoring mod? recordings? s? Gaming more from t? t.QUAND STUMP THE CAMERA USED in international cricket? The cam? ra strain was first t? install? by the BBC in the d? purpose of Sch? es 1990. He placed? a campaign ? ra D8S Hitachi KP-stump in the middle. It was a cam? ra who used color? 410,000 pixel (charge-coupled device) CCD with micro lenses, and about? a r? horizontal resolution 470 TV lines. Its size (42 cubic cm and 80 g), it is possible for it to be ins? r? in the stump. If a cam? ra is not enough, two can? be placed ? es, one with a wide-angle lens and one with a lens? angle? Detroit, giving the broadcaster four views diff? rentes.QUELLE IS THE ORIGIN OF? Acrobat? the Word? Acrobat? The word d? signs performers? you or ex? cutant who is qualified? in feats of agility? and? balance. He just? acrobat? the word in French that is? riv? of? Akrobat? of Greek words (he who walks on tiptoes) and? akrobatein ‘(? walk on the stem of the feet). WHAT IS THE PROBLEM EIGHT queen for? chess? The problem? eight queen to me? chess is o? a person has to place eight queens on? Exchequer so that no queens can capture another queen? this point of time. For example, placing the queens? a8, b2, c4, df, e7, f5, g3 h6 and respectively. There are a number of combinations (a fixed number, though) o? a person may Place Queens? diff positions? annuities and not yet queen can capture another reine.QUAND football played to the initial registration time? modern-day football has its origins in England. There are indications that a game similar to football call? shul or soule happened? England to Normandy, Brittany and Picardy, during the conquest? you Norman . According to the data? are historical games, football t? jou? s like? English public schools such as al? management of Eton and Winchester in the 16th though? century. By the mid-19th if? article the boys? ons? public schools more or less formalized? the r? rules of football, which became an activity? organized? e. This gradually from? envelope? in football as we know it today. In football, WHAT IS THE PLAN falling leaf? The sudden falling leaf is called? so because of the ball? life? twice, like a falling leaf, during its flight towards the goal. Attacker br? Brazilian Government of the diminutive Sch? are 1950 and 60, Manuel Francisco dos Santos Garrincha did it and the banana leaf fall was shot? on its own because of its comp? brilliant skills. Garrincha have won the nickname of Little Bird because of its small size and large r? s directory of free kicks? ducing the d? torment defenders? e.JEU which is the world’s initial registration vid? o? In 1951, ing.? engineer Ralph Baer ad? envelope? call a game? Pong using? video equipment? o raster. In 1958, William Higinbotham A cr?? tennis for two?, a game using an analog computer. The game never t? patent? e and d? mantel?. Nolan Bushnell built arcade game in 1969 using one? t catch?? s vision rasterscan. He is known as the p? re video games? o arcade. D ‘? be an activity? fun, games video? o are? also used? s to help sick children of g? rer pain and Anxi t? in s? days? the H pital. R? recently, Ethan Myers, Los Angeles made a r? cup-operation after partial? s a serious car accident, partly gr? this? a system? me playing video? o.QUAND dog race IDITAROD initial registration? edition? The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race? also appeal? Iditarod? or? Last Great Race ‘is held in Alaska. He starts? Anchorage in Southcentral Alaska and ends? Nome on the c? you west of the Sea B? ring. Each team Brazil, 12? 16 dogs and their mushers, covers over 1150 miles in three weeks. The Id-itarod Trail Sled Dog Race early rounds in 1973 . The id? ea t? con? u by Dorothy G Page in 1964 as part of the c? l? bration moneygram agents of the centennial of the Alaska 1967.QUEL IS THE WORLD RECORD IN THE SINK? E? The record the world for diving? e is the deepest? held by South Africa’s Nuno Gomes, an Eng? engineer of 52 years has plunged? a depth of 318. 25 m? very (1044 feet). It a t? immersed? th in the Red Sea on June 10, 2005 and broke the pr? c? previous record of 313 meters? meters? table by Mark Ellyatt of Great Britain is known as 2003.Qui QUEEN jump ? perch? Yelena Isinbayeva (23) Russia’s Fair? salu? e as the queen of the jump? perch. The d? holders of record of the world? t? virtually unbeaten in the last three? res ann? es. Yelena, who spends most of his time? Monaco and trains in Italy, ar? recently demand? pass? Italy and represented? submit for 6 million. However, she refused? saying she would never betray his country and is still down? Volgograd, his hometown. It? also t? approach? by Baron p? Trole Roman Abramovich? endorse the brand of oil? worldwide, but it did not Concretely? tis?. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN soccer and football? What Am? Ricans call soccer is called football? elsewhere. So if it’s better to say that British-am? Rican soccer and football are the same? my sports. The official name of the game is the Football Association and the international body that the r? gissent is FIFA (F? d? ration Internationale de Football Association). IF OUT IS the drummer? legitimizing but fielders do not appeal, IS THE RULE OUT UMPIRELUI? Act No? 27 states clearly that: The referee must not give a drummer? less mech? by the other s c t? must? be performed? e before the d? purpose bowler bowling his race? action to deliver. the next ball. Conform? lying? Law 23. 1 ( f) (the ball becomes dead), the ball is dead on? more? which is called?, however this does not invalidate an appeal? before the initial registration of the following ball on? time? Condition did not t? call? as Law 17. 1 (Call of Time). Remember always call covers all means? be on. (Act No? 27. 2). M? me if drummer leaves his desk a misunderstanding that is out but the umpire ruled? not in such circumstances, the referee should intervene if it believes is wrong (Act? 27. 5) . Who won the most pairs of free titles SKATING? Andr? e and Pierre Brunet Brunett have won the world championship figure skating? four times – in 1926, 1928.1930 and 1932. Three pairs have won? three Once there – Ludowika Jacobson and Walter Jacobson (1911,1913,1924), Helen Engelmanri and Alfred Berger (1913,1922,1924) and Elena Valova and Oleg Vasiliev (1983,1985,1988). WHEN THE CAMERA USED STUMP in cricket International?. WHAT IS THE ORIGIN OF THE WORD “ACROBAT? Theword-acrobafmeansaperformerwho is skilled in feats of agility? and balgance. It comes from the French? ais” word? acrobat? which is private? of? Akrobat? of Greek words (he who walks on tiptoes) and? akrobatein ‘(? walk on the stem of the feet). WHOM WAS the first drummer? OF CLARE BY A third? my will? Sachin Tendulkar, on 14 November, 1992? Durban, South Africa. Tendulkar, who scored? 11, watched the ball? the rear? point re o? Jonty Rhodes? t? commissioning. Sachin tent? a quick single, but? t? fired? by non-striker Ravi Shastri. Rhodes has launched? the ball on the stumps o? Andrew Hudson, who had to? m? nag? in the short leg, broke the window. C ‘? a silent call? proximity? to square? leg umpire Cyril Mitchley s demand? third? me referee Karl Liebenberg d? cider. The TV replay clearly shown? that Tendulkar has t? ex? cut?. WHY THE CAPTAIN OF? TEAM SKIPPER IS CALLED? Skipper came from? Schipper word n? NETHER LANDS (literally? generally? SENDER?). Skipper usually means a person operating a boat or ship. In terms of diving, a skipper is responsible for Care and s? SAFETY? ship, boat, yacht or boat. This is true for the captain as well, but in addition, the captain is? also responsible for the care and s? SAFETY? of the eye crew. In sports, he captained the team to p? tanque. It is an informal title of a baseball manager and captain of a team to the football.QU IS THIS a bar? re magical? chess? The F? d? ration Internationale des Echecs (FIDE) assigns points? evaluation for players of? amoxil generic chess to indicate their level of comp? relative competence. This system ? me is there? on a system? Statistical Ratings me g? n? eral appeal? e ELO. According to him, the more ranking points, the better the player. FIDE tracks player performance continuously, and? valuations are r? live? es p? odically. Garry Kasparov won 2851, the highest score ever. Only four players – Kasparov, Kramnik, Topalov and Anand scored sup? or laughing? gal? 2800, called the barrier? re magic. The term is an imitation of the barrier? re his term, which is treated? r? as a stumbling block? go before they reach speeds supersoniques.WLIAT IS A Cricketer’s coffin? Cricketer’s coffin is a term used? a joke for the travel bags that cricketers do. The amount of paraphernalia port? by visits makes it look like? these bags a coffin. It? also said that the cricketers in jokingly carry their coffins with them on all voyages.COMMENT WORKS SNICKOMETER? The Snickometer, that wasn? as not used? e in d? arbitration decisions, a t?? s vision is a useful tool follow the trajectory of the ball cricket, picking up sounds from microphones pitch and strain. The Snickometer, invent? by Englishman Allan Plaskett in the mid-Sch?’re 90, is used to display the stump microphone noise . The power of the microphone strain is introduced directly into the Snickometer who represented? feel so sound as a visual graphic. From?, t?? s audience can tell if the ball hit? pad (a flat display dull) or press the bat (much sharper graphics) or simply do without (a horizontal line). WHAT DOES COLOR CARDS IN FOOTBALL? WHAT THE WAR OF FOOTBALL? The War of football or soccer war? silent war of six days men? e El Salvador and Honduras in 1969. It was little? do with football, but to try to r? settle the diff? cultural differences. The fact that Salvadorans have more aggressive? t? ill? also immigrate to Honduran territory t? a major cause of this war. It’s called the Soccer War because it has begun? after? s a s? series? here above argument? e three-match World Cup qualifying amoxil them. lanc El Salvador? the hostility? s when his arm? e is d? pla? has in Honduras. Apr? s more than four days fighting (which left 3,000 dead, 6,000 wounded? s and caused? 50 million dollars for? g? ts), a ceasefire has t? call? under buy levitra per pill pressure? United States and the Organization of Slika am? Ricans. A peace agreement has t? sign? in 1980, and it took? s decision in 1992 by the International Court of Justice for r? settle the dispute frontalier.QUELS ARE THE BASIC ELEMENTS sumo? With its origins in ancient Japan, the comp? partitions are sumo wrestling brand’s’ ritual? Labor? s. A sumo match takes place between two wrestlers belong? a compatible group of rank , the so called ‘classification has his m? me there from time imm? immemorial. The fight takes place in a circular area of ??4. 55 m? very dia? be composed with the ground? clay and sand. wrestlers can push, pull, hit, run and tackle each other, but they are not authorized? s? participate? kicking, pulling hair or abusive. If any part of the body of a wrestler? except the soles of his feet touches the ground? the int? Interior of the ring, or if it crosses the boundary? re the ring, then he is? clar ? loser. A match lasts on average for a few seconds? few minutes.QUELLE IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE SPORT? A sport is an activity? physical performed? e under a set of r? rules agreed with the purpose of recreation : for the comp? partition or self-enjoyment or a combination thereof. A game is an activity? r? cr? ative involving one or more players? s finished with a goal as players attempt to achieve and a set of r? rules to play. Games are played primarily for entertainment or enjoyment. The diff? ence goal diff? tinguish between sports game, combined? e with the notion of person (or? team) comp? skills or prouesses.o WWF, a real wrestling show? N? WWE (formerly WWF) matches? one? v? ment are complete? ment set sc? do for entertainment. superstar WWE are fully informed? s of their games, their r? results and movements they? use. The superstars are still pr? ts? have their bodies on the line for the sake of the WWE. Thus, bottom line is that WWE, but a show set in sc? only insofar? the r? results are concerned? s, is purely authentic when considered? r? e point of view of the superstars WWE’s like blood worms? and injuries are for vrai.QUELS ARE THE ELEMENTS OF THE BASIS OF bars ASYMMETRIC in gymnastics? The parallel? the bars ASYMMETRIC strength applications, concentration, courage, coordination, pr? splitsecond precision and timing. The routine should be? s place in the bar low? tr? s high bar, including many grip changes and releases regrasps,?? s flight elements, changes direction, flips and balan? ories circle passing through the position of the hand-held. The routine of the whole should? flow of a movement? another without pauses, extra swings or extra support ? ments. Each routine must have two? l? nicate?. When the initial registration Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championship held? The first World Championship of Rhythmic Gymnastics was held in 1963? Budapest, Hungary The comp? apportionment is 28 ATHL? your 10-country Europe? ens. Rhythmic individual all-a t? addition? for the Olympics in 1984. The? v? ment group Rhythmic t? addition? as an Olympic sport at the Games 1996. The comp? bution rhythmic gymnastics group includes five ATHL? your work as a whole? quipe.QU IS WHAT AUSSIE r? footballC’est rules of the quintessential Australian Local sport from an m? mixture of rugby and football ga? lic. It is played with 36 players (18 from each team to) on an elliptical field, often cit? as an oval. First pr? feel? in 1858, Victoria Australia The game is widely played to other countries like the United Kingdom, Ireland, USA, Canada, Papua New Guin? e and New-Z? moor. The game differs from other types of football by Fast Transient, relatively? away from the ball? (due to lack of the responsiveness of the offside rule) and the award of a free kick taken for any clean, known as a mark, a bullet that t? lanc? more than 15 m? tres.Quel is most marked? TOTAL by any team to CRICKET initial registration class? score the most? lev? 1107 work is done by Victoria in Sheffield Shield match against New South Wales? Melbourne in 1926. They scored? this in 10 hours 30 minutes I? an incredible one. 76 races was the first minute.Qui INDIA’S CAPTAIN Test Cricket? Lala Amarnath? silent achieved independence for India’s first Test captain and led India on Australia in 1947.? silent a cape and font = e? do everything and a personality? outspoken who is not afraid to speak his mind. Apr? s retiring from the game, he t? named? the Board of s? lecteurs.POURQUOI THE RED IN COLOR cricket ball? The Red Balloon is not always used? in cricket these days. During the night cricket matches, a white ball is used? e. Regarding the game itself m? me , originated in England, where? levels of light? re room leaves much? d? be desired. The light? re is composed? e of seven different colors? annuities. The red wavelength is less dispersed? s its original path while blue is the most scatted. The color red is most suited? e for rep? rer in reducing the light for. Furthermore, the cricket ball is called? red cherry. The m ? my explanation applies to the red appearance of the sun at sunrise and sunset. In addition, the m? logic can explain to me why the sky and the oc? years appear bleu.QU IS-CE is the particularity? of REDNECK GAMES? The Redneck Games, on the? v? events for the less athletic, held every July in G? orgy (USA). started? decade ago as a parody of the Olympic Games Atlanta in 1996, he attracted? about 15,000 participants this ann? e.? v? are unusual events including bellyflop Mudpie, pumping legs cut pork hub hurling, cigarette flip iron? horse redneck, jou? with if the? management toilet, spitting contest, seed bug zapper spitball, a contest of big hair and? s nade aisselle.QUI IS THE WORLD SWIMMING POOL? The Natural Buoyancy Laboratory or NBL? installation Sonny Carter Training, known as the SCTF pr? s Johnson Space Center? kamagra cheap Houston, is the world’s largest indoor swimming pool. The pool is 62 meters? very (202 ft) long, 31 m? very (102 ft) wide and 12 m? very (40 ft) deep – 6 m? tres (20 feet) above ground level? a distance? scabies below ground. The pool poss? 22 . 7 million liters (6. 2,000,000 gallons) of water. The pool is used? e by astronauts on each other have dinner in similar conditions? z? ro climbs? using m? methods sp? cialis? es.QUELLE IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SNOOKER, snooker, and a lateral pocket? eral? The main diff? reference relates to the number of bullets used? es. In snooker, 22 balls, including the ball forward in white are used? s. The other colored balls are as follows: 15 red, 1 yellow, 1 brown, 1 blue, 1 pink, 1 black and 1 green. In billiards, just three balls are used? are – white, yellow and red – and both white and yellow ball can act as the gr? archivists. In the pool, there are nine balls with digital? ros and stripes printed? on them. Poche lat? eral is not a game table is recognized and r? Which Conference? the corner pockets of the table billard.En rugby, why call the Calcutta Cup? well? WHAT IS THE ORIGIN OF THE WILD CARD IN THE END THE SPORT? Origin is in card games, o? a wild card, a card with no fixed value, and whose value is assigned? e by the dynamic player in other games like tennis, the term is used today? to? sign a player (or one? team) who is? cern? input? e? a tournament? the discrepancy? THE COMMITTEE? organization, m? me if the player (or team Brazil) has not strictly meet the criterion? res of ENTITLEMENT?. A wild card is awarded? players who are e g? n? generally young and promising, and belong? their country of origin The term t? used? in defined above Advance Australia Fair? es 1950.QU IS WHAT spoon? Dr. Wood in sport? spoon? Dr. Wood? is a phrase that r? f? re? the performance of a individual or team to who finishes last? re the comp? bution. Sometimes a price spoon? re comp r? or wood it is? also given to the candidate coming last. The term is apparently back? e on that a spoon? Dr. Wood is almost worthless in comparison? the troph? e winner that is made of m? rate pr? heaven. The term originates from the Universit? Cambridge, o? the Teachers used? s to balance a spoon? Dr. Wood before? l? ves who? cabbage? examination. WHY DO TRINIT? AND TOBAGO PLAY LIKE A? separate team in football but playing as WEST as part of India in cricket? West Indies is composed? more? them, some nations achieved independence pending, others are from? pendencies or territories. Most? were under the domination of


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